Platforms and Technologies

  • Salesforce

    Today’s digitally connected customers expect personalized service, faster response, incredible experience–everywhere, and every time. Salesforce is one such innovative platform that has enabled organizations to reimagine their relationships with customers from a new perspective across all channels and at every touch point, while reducing operational cost and time-to-market.

    As a Salesforce registered consulting partner with a team of certified resources, Peopleteck Labs offers innovative and rapid Salesforce Implementation, integration and development service that help organizations achieve their business goals. Our Salesforce service include: Consulting, Implementation, Configuration, Development, Workflow Automation, Customization, Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards, Data Migration, Upgrades & Integration with other ERP systems like e-commerce portals, Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions, Contact Centre Solutions and many more.

  • BlockChain

    Blockchain is a matrix that enables enterprises across the world to transact without borders. It has disrupted the way industries, people and devices transact, thus bringing in new business models and efficiency. Harnesses the power of blockchain to create a network where data is much more accessible and reliable, and transactions among partners on the network are verifiable and traceable, enabling an ecosystem of trust with your suppliers, partners, and customers.

    Peopleteck Labs supports you at every step of blockchain adoption, from Design Thinking-led assessment that evaluates blockchain solutions from multiple dimensions, rapid prototyping, creation of Proof-of-Concepts and pilot development to complete implementation. Our pre-built blockchain platforms and solutions help you make peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions faster, auditable, more secure and transparent, thereby reducing fraud risk. We bring in strong expertise on Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Chain and Solidify. We leverage our expertise on Big Data and analytics, UX & UI, Cloud and IoT implementations to be an ideal partner to design and implement the blockchain ecosystem.


    The face of digital advertising is continuously changing. Competition is fierce. There has been a shift from the old view of the customer to tracking customer behaviour at any given moment. More brands and marketers are now harnessing the power of technology tools to obtain and process customer data, and create more efficient ads that target their audience in a much better way. Advanced analytics automation software can manage thousands of models, which can be used to drive improved personalization, predictive scoring, triggered campaigns, programmatic/real-time bidding, yield optimization, etc. However, these are complex need expertise and without the proper guidance, organizations end up wasting their time and money choosing the wrong technology or the wrong path.

    As advertising technology experts, Peopleteck Labs understands the challenges faced by agencies in this dynamic environment and can help you establish proper structures, choose the right tools and develop integration strategies for your ad campaigns. We also enable you to gain better measurement insights into your media and ad expenditure while actively supporting you with sustained and effective ad campaigns for better customer experience. We are a full-service provider and focus on Creative Asset Management, Digital Advertising Services, Direct Marketing and Reporting and Insights solutions.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    IoT merges the physical and online worlds and opens up a host of new opportunities and challenges. IoT applications are generating unprecedented volumes of enterprise and consumer data. Companies have started aggressively leveraging Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other disruptive technologies, to glean tangible insights from this deluge of information. Organizations seek to enter new markets, create disruptive business models, develop new products or drive differentiated customer experiences with IoT.

    Peopleteck Labs IoT solution portfolio spans system integration, sensor, gateway, and cloud solutions, connectivity, user experience, and analytics and can empower smart industries, smart living and smart enterprises by connecting assets, operations/logistics, and services. We have expertise across all stages of IoT adoption to provide you with a seamless single vendor experience


    Artificial Intelligence has grown exponentially over the last decade, but only a few have attempted to harness its true potential. AI and Machine Learning are going to be game-changers in the future. AI has found its way behind every innovative digital product today. Tech giants are relying heavily on this path breaking technology and are already using it in many products. Today, with improved algorithms, computational power, parallel computing, the ability to collect real-time data as well as using IoT; Adopting AI into your business is not only only possible, it should, and will become a crucial part of your digital transformation strategy.

    Peopleteck Labs understands the true value AI has to offer and can harvest value from your data. We can design a multitude of AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms in a systematic and practical way to solve real world problems for you. We can help you use this technology to build highly scalable and cost-effective digital products and solutions and decrease labor and infrastructure cost. Together we will assess your AI readiness, determine data pre-requisites, discuss the human element of the project, and identify viable and practical AI projects that will help accelerate your business goals and tackle challenges. Our team has excellent understanding and ability to incorporate artificial intelligence with cognitive technology to aid your current business applications and provide you with a full spectrum of services including Analytics, Big Data, IT technology and others.


    We develop engaging, exciting and WOW experiences to help you differentiate your brand from the competition. Our AR/VR solutions combine cutting-edge technology to deliver stunning quality graphics and content that will inspire your customers to take quick decisions.

    Your complex requirements combined with our expertise can deliver your customers an experience, that is otherwise not available. Whether you’re looking for a core augmented reality product or intend to integrate AR/VR into your existing apps, we can provide the most compatible solution.